Permanent Wants Post!

This is my pkmncollector's wants list! Will update as I acquire them! These pictures are all taken from the internet, so if you'd like me to take one down, let me know!

UPDATED: 5-1-2016

HOLY GRAIL OF GRAILS: Banpresto Super DX 3ft Lottery Eevee Plush


Suicune TFG (with tail-streamers intact) HIGH PRIORITY WANT

Suicune 3DS stylus (Any of the beasts, really, but especially Suicune)

Metallic Suicune keychain

Clear Suicune Figure Tomy

Anything in this image except the Kid: Zukan, Pokemon Museum, Tomy (?), Pin

Houndour DX Tomy (I think?)

Mightyena playset figure??? (would love any info on this!)

Poochyena Hasbro Figure

Mightyena Hasbro Figure

Mightyena Pokedex figure

Suicune movie figure

Shiny Suicune figure (info on this would be awesome too!)


Shiny Suicune Japanese Pokedoll HIGH PRIORITY WANT

Lucario Japanese Pokedoll HIGH PRIORITY WANT

Houndour Pokedoll


Houndoom zukan

Mightyena zukan

Ninetails zukan


Vulpix Canvas Plush

Lucario DX Banpresto Plush

I <3 Eevee DX Sylveon Plush

Sleepy Fennekin Plush

Poochyena Banpresto UFO

Giant Suicune (someday, maybe ;u;)


La Maison de Eievui stamps: Umbreon, Espeon, Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon,

La Maison de Eievui Umbrella

La Maison de Eievui mug

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I probably wouldn't have made a new lj account if it weren't for shinyv from tumblr, who's convinced me that pkmncollectors is amazing and now I need to be a part of it so that I can make my wallet cry while getting really nice pokemon stuff!
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I used to have an account here as mizuwolf,but apparently I was purged? And to get my name back I have to pay money? So haha I guess I'll just make a new one and be agent cal!